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As a cog in a machine, facing a high-pressure work environment, people work diligently just like robots repeat the same tasks without emotion, gradually we forget to interact, forget how to communicate …… “Gín-á-lâng ū hīnn bô tshuì.” This is a common phrase spoken by elders to their offspring in eastern societies. Such a concept is still deeply rooted in the education system nowadays, gradually denying children the right to be heard, and silence becomes the best weapon to protect oneself. But isn’t life a combination of conversations? Is what we hear and see really what we feel? What is the true nature of the people and things we understand or are used to? What control our thought? What limit our movements? Asking this question, as you read it, am I controlling you too? Throwing, catching, and spinning. Juggling is like talking, turning the unspeakable into circus body language, allowing the body to speak freely, expressing its fortitude towards life and conveying the circus performer’s uncompromising attitude towards life. “Mr.III三III”hopes that people can leave their burdens behind for a while. Do you still remember the last game you played as a child? Thinking back, do you care about the result or the process? When the drums sound, the game officially begins!

將日常那些無法言語的,化為馬戲肢體語彙,讓身體 暢所欲言。


Director and Performer|Lo Yuan-Yang    Producer|Chou Ying-Ting

Consultant|Lee Tsung-Hsuan    Lighting Design|Wang Tien-Hung

Props Design|Mark Wu    Co-Props Design|Wang Chung-Yuan

Costume|Cephas Cheng    Music Design and Drummer|Wang Yen-Kai

Visual Design | Chang Chung-Wei    Stage Manager|Guo Fang-Yu

Associate Producer|Chen Ting-Yu     Marketing|Gumwoo

Administrator|Ho Chin-Lin, Ho Ya-Hsuan

Props Manager|Kuo Ching-Te    CF|Chuang Chun-Yu, Hsiao Na-Te

Performer and Co- Creator|Chao Wei-Chen, Huang Bo-Nan

Videography|Chen Kuan-Yu    Potography|Ken Wang

Crew|Wang Kuan-Hsiang, Chen Yen-Hsuan, Peng Hsuan-Kai, LI Yun-Hsuan, Thai Hung-Yi, Chen Shih-Hsuan

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