Circus as Folks
Superhuman, Trapezist, Circus Performer. Acrobatics, Trick, Circus as Folks

Jumping, rolling, falling, throwing. Extraordinary, talented circus performers always seem so incredible. But as normal as being a human, like everybody else, they have to eat, brush their teeth, chase the bus, do their homework and play tag game with their classmates when they were young. In a blink of an eye, they jumped down from a high place, flipping to the ground and shuttling back and forth between their bodies and objects. Every single day, there is a collision game about cooperation and competition between Superhuman and mortal in the body of the circus performer.

There are no lions, tigers, elephants, and no horses. This is a circus performance which human being is the only role. It is also a circus performance about circus performers. Combining with different objects, such as juggling, acrobatics, cyr wheel, etc. “Circus as Folks” completely presents the uniqueness of the circus, and also allows you to see the different mental states and physical thinking between its daily life and performance through the superb skills and playfulness of the circus.



Circus as Folks

Creative and Production Team Producer|Chou Ying-Ting

Director |Chen Kuan-Ting     Artistic Director|Lee Tsung-Hsuan

Co-Creators and Performers|Chen Kuan-Ting, Lo Yuan-Yang, Chao Wei-Chen, Lin Sheng-Wei     Dramaturg|Yu Tai-Jung    Action Instructor|Chang Chien-Hao    Lightning Design|Wang Tien-Hung

Music Design|Blaire Ko    Stage Design|Cheng Hsuan-Hsun

Associate Producer |Chen Ting-Yu    Graphic Design|Chang Chung-Wei     Rehearsal Assistant|Chiu Chun-Hsiang

Prop   Master| Kuo Ching-Te    Master Electrician|Wang Kuan-Xiang     Stage Manager | Guo Fang-Yu     Technical Director|Hsu Huang-Cheng     Stage Production|Ridge Studio

Art Administrator|Lin Yuan-Min, Ho Chih-Lin    Photography | Ken Wang     Viedo Production | Viewfinder Studio, Chen Kuan-Yu

Crew | Chen Kuan-Ting, Wang Li-Fen, Chen Yen-Hsuan, Huang Tine-Yuan

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