Disappearing Island
When the storm came, everything was submerged in the flood. Shezi Island seemed to disappear…

At the confluence of Tamsui river and Keelung river sits the flood-prone Shezi Island, where arrested development since the 70s has led to half a century of seclusion that shelters not only its natural landscape but also veiled histories – and lately it faces the threat of urban regeneration.

Joined by Leeroy New (the Philippines), FOCA has made field research on the peculiar social landscape of their marginal precinct, and shared their initial

findings at the Festival last year in the form of a remarkable circus and installation performance which led audiences through the alleys, riverside and factory clusters in the Xisha Wei community.

Their bristling dialogue between body, material and environment deepens in 2020 through the exploration of the Xizhou Di community on the island. In a world frozen in time, the artists revisit traces of human bonds and reflect on the precipice between civilization and nature, and the way we live.

When the storm came, everything was submerged in the flood. Shezi Island seemed to disappear...


Disappearing Island

Producer   |Yu Tai-Jung     Director and Choreography | Lee Tsung-Hsuan

Dramaturg | Chow Ling-Chih     Concept and Installation | Leeroy New

Music | Snow Huang     Technical Director | Kuo Fang-Yu

Performer and Co-Creator | Chen Kuan-Ting, Lo Yuan-Yang, Kuo Ching-Te, Chao Wei-Chen, Lin Sheng- Wei and Hsu Yue-Wei

Live Musician | Tseng, Wei-Xi, Deadhorse , Hsieh, Min-Yen, Snow Huang

Movement Design Advisor | Chang Chien-Hao     Installation Design Executive | Lin Yu-Quan

Video Production | Videofinder Studio     Prop Assistant | Kuo Ching-Te

Associate Producer | Lin Yuan-Min    Costume Advisor | Cheng Cephas

Rehearsal Assistant | Ho Chih-Lin    Organization | Taipei City Government

Performance Assistant | Chou, Ying-Ting, Chiu, Chun-Hsiang. Cheng, Ting-Yu, Ho, Ya-Hsuan, Tsai, Yung-Ting, Hsu, Wei-Chen, Li, Kun-Jung, Tseng, Shih-Han, Liao, Pin- Hsuan.

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