Songs of the Land
Contemporary Circus X Taiwan Classical Songs, with juggling and acrobats to take you through the long history.

Starting at the birth of Taiwan six million years ago, followed by the appearance of the aboriginal peoples over eight thousand years ago, and continues on today. We, who were born in the twentieth century have crossed over into the twenty-first century, want to portray through this act the events that occurred on the piece of land that is Taiwan that led to the sculpting of our one of a kind cultural style through Taiwan’s unique historical background.

 Songs of the Land Opening with the earliest songs sung in Taiwan, we will not only perform with our flags, martial arts, dances, handstands, rings, cubes, diabolos Chinese yo-yo , and pyramids. This act will also feature an ambient glass orbs performance set to festive Chinese lanterns, symbolizing prayers for blessings, and, above all, classic songs that derive from various significant periods of time in Taiwan.

 This particular piece of circus art was inspired by the two great influences of “Earth” and “Time,” which led to the creation of these four parts: “Seeing Taiwan,” “Taiwanese Giants,” “Turning Points of Taiwan,” and “Embracing Taiwan.” All of which come together to create this once in a lifetime musical circus art experience.

Previous Tour Experience

August 2019

Invited to perform at Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston, USA

May 2015

Invited by the Overseas Chinese Committee to tour in 11 cities in the United States and Canada

The most special cultural style has been shaped through the special historical background of Taiwan.


Songs of the Land

Producer | Chih-Wei Lin

Director|Kuan-Ting Chen

Choreography | Chia-hui Lee、Kuan-Ting Chen、Kuan-Jung Huang

StageManager | Guo Fang-Yu

Associate Producer|Ying-Ting Chou

Design | Mars Cheng

Actors | Tien-Fu Sung、Kuan-Ting Chen、Chia-Hao Hu、Chao-Ming Huang、Chia-Cheng Sung

、Yue-Wei Hsu、Kuan-Jung Huang、Wei-Chen Chao、Yung-Hsin Shih、Ying-Ting Chou

、Fang-Jung Chang、Hsin-Yu Wu

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