How Long Is Now? The Light of Instant: How Long Is Now?
The Absurd Daily Stop Motion, The Rhapsody of 1$ Shop

Those readily available stuffs like hangers, buckets, mops, toilet plungers and cans replace the traditional juggling balls, clubs, staffs, hoops. We do not see those circus performance routine like passing, swinging, handstand and human pyramid. Instead, the performers use low limit yet ridiculous weird bodies combined with those readily available stuffs to become mobile sculptures. Under the crossover cooperation by director Baboo, Visual artist Chi-Tsung Wu, Choreographer Tsung-Husan Lee, costume designer Ping-Hao Lin, lighting designer Cheng-Wei Teng, The Light of Instant: How long is now? is seeking for more courageous, more free styles and languages to renovate the new vision of new circus.

Traditional sculptures pursue eternity and against time. But Austrian artists Erwin Wurm tried to overturn the definition of it. In his work “one minute sculpture,” it pulls out a frame of movement in the constantly elapse timeline; though it’s only a brief of moment, the vitality blooms at that moment is just like lighten up the audiences’ vision. Its directness, rapidity and humor make people rethink “what is sculpture?”,” What is a moment?” and“ What is eternity?”

Wurm’s concept inspired theater director Baboo deeply. Erwin Wurm ‘s “one minute sculpture” was a brief existence but with accident and opportunistic. His combination between daily necessities, bodies and space become the inspiration of The Light of Instant: How long is now? It tried to investigate what circus is, what the essence of circus is and what the scenes are in daily life.

In “One minute sculpture,” Wurm used daily necessities like vegetables, fruits, tables, chairs, shampoo through assembling people and people with stuff to create a kind of relationship like accident, a look of ridiculous and sophisticated. For instance, both head and foot are in the bucket, bodies sink in the chair, with a hanger in mouth, two bottle of washing powder on foot, stationery on face, high hill on forehead. On the stage, traditional juggling props are replaced by daily necessities, those “props” such as mops, plunger, detergents, cans and brushes, became the other leading role other than the performers on stage. Upon that, new relationship came out from circus performers and props.

The concept that adds the “object theater” into circus juggling in The Light of Instant: How long is now? endues a new way of vision and way of telling story. The juggling performers hide their real skills in the show. They start from nothing, developing the possibilities between bodies and objects through daily necessities. For example, they think from the appearance of the objects, materials and symbol of the function. Or they follow the veins of the objects, extend the imagination of the objects, and change the definition of the objects to find out if human beings invent those objects for living needs or the presence of those objects actually change the way we live instead? Human beings confirm the situation and relationship though objects or the objects define the condition and the veins or even measure the distance between people instead?

Previous Tour Experience

Jul 2017

Festival d’Avignon Off, France

Traditional acrobatic props were replaced by everyday objects, such as toothbrushes, buckets, flower pots and pans from grocery store.


How Long Is Now? The Light of Instant: How Long Is Now?

Producer|Chih-Wei Lin


Movement|Tsung-Hsuan Lee

Stage|Chi-Tsung Wu

Music|Chih-Hau Ke

Lightning|Zheng-Wei Deng

Costume|Bing-Hau Lin

Actors|Kaun-Ting Chen、Chien-Hau Chang、Chao-Ming Huang

、Ching-Te Kuo、Yuan-Yang Lo、Wei-Chen Chao

、Yue-Wei Hsu、Chi-Wei Wun

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