In the unsunned places, at the cross point of dream and reality. Moss has cracked and blooms with rice-sized flowers.

As the final chapter of “Circus Interdisciplinary Trilogy” of FOCA, Moss combines techniques and aesthetics among different circus skills and dance theatre. In addition to the highly accurate body techniques, this work focuses on the meaning behind the physicality as well. The skill is no longer just to provide a landscape of entertainment, but to focus on the exploration of human nature, and to peek into the hidden meaning of the characters.

 Five performers meet in a concrete set: an abandoned house which is about to be sold. The performers climb onto it, move it, hide behind it. They fall from its top while paying no resistance to gravity. They run around it like the time flows back and onwards, while creating a desire for something that does not or probably cannot exist. In the surrealistic scene, they express how people go through memory, loss, happiness and sadness.

 The house becomes a home of forgotten memories and dreams. In this unstable universe between reality and fiction, this work discloses a feeling of aliveness for the forgotten. Like moss, rootless, first plant on earth. It grows on any surface and still it stays ignored. The piece opens questions based on a sense of loss, absence, togetherness and loneliness. Moss creates an atmosphere between illusion and reality by a complex yet undefined performance style. Juggling with dreams and soberness, it tries to touch the core essence of human inner hesitation, helplessness and uneasiness.

身體技術不再只是提 供景觀式娛樂的橋段,而是著重於人性的探索,窺視作品角色內在隱晦之處。



Founding Director | Lin Chih-Wei     Producer|Lee Tsung-Hsuan

Choreographer | Tien Tsai-Wei, Jan Möllmer

Associate Producer | Chou Ying-Ting, Yu Tai-Jung

StageManager|Guo Fang-Yu     Stage Design | Cheng Hsuan-Hsun

Lighting Design | Wang Tien-Hung    GraphicDesign|Kunstlei Studio

Performers|ChenKuan-Ting,ChaoWei-Chen, Lin Sheng-Wei, Hu Chia- Hao, Hsu Yue-Wei

Master Electrician | Wang Kuan-Hsiang    Artistic Administrator | Lin Yuan-Min, Chen Ting-Yu

Technical Director | Yang Yuan-Jie    Assistant Rehearsal Master |HoChih-Lin,Lo Yuan-Yang

Prop Master | Kuo Ching-Te     Photographer | Terry Lin, Ken Wang

Videographer | Hung Sheng-Chiao,Lee Kun-Yan, Chen Kuan-Yu

Aerial Technical Execution | HIGH + CREATIVE CO.

Crew | Chen Yen-Hsuan, Huang Tien-Yuan, Xu Hong-Cheng

Tags : 讀馬戲,FOCA,FOCASA,馬戲團,馬戲藝術節,馬戲教室
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