Do you dream a lot? If in your dream, you could live a certain period of time in your life again, would you still make the same choice?

In daily life, people are asked to realize the reality and not to dream. However, according to a research from scientists and psychologists, people develop less than 25 % of their brain in normal while the other 75% does not been open up without consciousness. For instance, “dreaming” is a typical unconscious activity. People rearrange their knowledges and solve those difficult problems that they do not know how to fix it in daily life. For example, a well-known writer Voltaire often completes a construction of a poem in his dream. The ring structure of benzene molecule is found in the dream from Germany chemist Kekulé. In Hans Christian Andersen’s “Ole Lukoie”, the leading actor “Ole Lukoie” tells numerous stories, making children attracted to it and create possibilities for children to dream. Now, let us create our imagination during our dreams!

Olé is adapted from Danish dramatist, Hans Christian Andersen’s work “Ole Lukoie.” Ole is a magical old man can reverse time. It is a story that he uses the magic to help Marty to overcome his fear and face his past again. There are no lines in the performance. The actors use their body language and elements of circus like acrobatics, juggling and mime to perform the plot, hoping to bring more room of imagination for audiences.

Through circus and theater performances, life education is integrated into aesthetic education.



Producer|Chih-Wei Lin

Director|Tsung-Hsuan Lee

Script|Chao-Ching Huang

Music|Chih-Hau Ke

Stage|Hsuan-Hsun Cheng

Costume|Cephas Cheng

Lightning|I-Zhu Su

Actors|Kaun-Ting ChenChing-Te KuoYuan-Yang Lo

Chia-Cheng SungWei-Chen ChaoChi-Wei Wen

Hsuan-Cheng Chen

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